Care well for your children = Vaccinate

January 6th, 2011

Rarely does a clear case of scientific fraud come up (rare as in ratio of fraudulant research to research). Even rarer does it cost lives .. children’s lives! Link to British Medical Journal article (full text), and pdf file of actual data compares, if you need to see that.

Just shocking! Please, plelase, please vaccinate your kids.

Enuf said.

You didn’t vote for me = I’m not going to ask that you vote for her

September 28th, 2010

  • It would be nepotism.
  • It would jinx her.
  • She will win in a landslide without any help.
  • You have to live in Johnson City.
  • THE BEST Villige Trustee EVER!

    Intel Inside Joke = Tick|Tock + Vote for My Video

    September 20th, 2010

    I produced my first YouTube video at the Intel Developer’s Forum last week. Its 2 minutes of asking Intel employees whether 2010 is a ‘Tick’ year or a ‘Tock’ year. You need to know that Intel updates chip clock speeds in Tick years, and chip micro-architectures in Tock years = your basic Intel Inside high-tech humor.

    If you like the video, please click the “Like” button before 24-Sep-2010. There are nice prizes Intel is giving away for the most votes. So spread the word, and enjoy!

    Time and Tisza = living on the river

    January 2nd, 2010
    Mayflys on the Tisza River, Silas 2009

    GIANT Mayflys on the Tisza River, Silas 2009

    I just listened to a wonderful interview of Susan Silas, by Will Corwin of, on the occasion of the opening of her exhibit, Helmbrecht’s Walk. It is at the Hebrew Union College Museum on One West 4th Street, NYC, and will be up for the academic year ending in June 2010.

    She talks about the walk, of course, but also covers decaying birds and giant mayflys on the Tisza River in Hungary, all apropos of time passing. My dad often swam in the Tisza when he lived in Szolnok and worked at the Cukorgyar (beet sugar factory) before WWII. He always had plenty of sweets to treat the girls on the beach.

    Makes me anticipate even more Sean Carroll’s book, From Eternity to Here, due out this week. Then I’ll have the art and science of time covered.

    Wishing everyone a sweet New Year!

    Ritxi = Psychopomp Via Calacas

    November 3rd, 2009


    Nick Glasgow (1981-2009) = the good fight

    October 7th, 2009

    Sapna Lathia Boze sent a message to the members of HELP SAVE NICK GLASGOW–Register your bone marrow TODAY!!

    After six months of fighting every day, every minute, every second…Nick lost his battle to Leukemia. Yesterday, on October 6, 2009 at approximately 3:30pm, Nick Glasgow passed away at his home. He was surrounded by many members of his loving and supportive family. Shortly after his passing, Nick’s family and friends gathered at his home to reminisce and celebrate Nick’s life. Nick will definitely be missed, as all of us have a special place in our heart for him.

    One thing the Leukemia did not rob was Nick’s determination, joyful spirit, and strength. Though he was uncomfortable and in plenty of pain, Nick was still joking around with friends and family and still determined to walk to the bathroom and sit at the dinner table every evening. He also chose to lessen his pain medications, because he preferred to have a clear head than to be pain free. Nick truly was a fighter!

    Nick’s story opened eyes all around the world. With YouTube clips, Facebook, Twitter, and the media–Nick and his family wanted to make sure that his story was heard. Six months ago, a doctor told Nick that he had a 0% chance of finding a bone marrow donor given his mixed ethnic make-up. After his friends, family,;, EMC, and various other organizations led a strong campaign to raise awareness and register minority individuals into the National Bone Marrow Registry, Nick beat the odds–four months later Nick found a generous donor (thank you!) and received a transplant. Together, not only did we help Nick with his fight, but we helped many others that are fighting the same battle that Nick was fighting. And we must continue this fight…

    Nick was so grateful for all your love, support and prayers. And he was so thankful for all the doctors’ efforts. Last week, when the doctor told him that there is nothing else that they can do to help him, Nick graciously shook the doctor’s hand and said, “thank you for giving me a chance.”

    Thank you all! Words cannot express how much we appreciate your love and support. Please keep Nick’s spirit alive!

    We love you Nick!

    Gut Yuntiff = Happy Holidays & Not Forgetting

    September 19th, 2009

    Kibbutz Masada

    Can you spot Kibbutz Masada, from this Earth Obervatory view, where I “worked” on my cousin’s chicken farm one summer long past? You never forget the smell because it never quite leaves you. Speaking of never forgetting read this travelogue. Then listen to the President’s greeting (and I thought he was Irish).


    I’d trade all my tomorrows = Woodstock in the first person

    September 5th, 2009

     taking Woodstock

    From someone who was there AND remembers (caution, noisy link).