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This blog as a graph. 

Cuz’in Peter, who currently works at Yahoo! but is more a zseni Houyhnhnm, pointed me to Websites as Graphs, resulting in the pictures of this blog above.  As time elapses, the picture develops more detail.  There is even a Flickr site (tagged websitesasgraphs) to post your results.  The technology and source used is posted on the site.  Below is a comparison of Yahoo!’s and Google’s homepages (not fair, really, since Yahoo! is a portal and Google a search engine).  My little blog is more complex than either (but if you want to see complexity let it work on CNN for a while).

search engines.gif

At first I thought this was a graph of network links.  Wrong!  It maps html syntax.  Below is the key.

tag(s) = color
html = black
table, tr, td = red
p, br, blockquote = orange
form, input, textarea, select, option = yellow
div = green
a = blue
img = violet
everything else = gray

 I don’t know if Yahoo! is using this technology, but they do have some cool stuff® like the recent feature Pipes (a user’s guide).  With it you can easily create mashups, like a combined Yahoo! & Google search, and much much more.

P.S.  A post about about Aharef’s website was made exactly 1 year ago on Pharyngula.

P.P.S.  Note: the applet shows the structure of a web page, not a web sitecomments on Edward Tufte’s board.

P.P.P.S.  Some more webpagegraphs:  my employer’s homepage, my homepage, this article’s page.

more webgraphs

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