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Intel Inside Joke = Tick|Tock + Vote for My Video

Monday, September 20th, 2010

I produced my first YouTube video at the Intel Developer’s Forum last week. Its 2 minutes of asking Intel employees whether 2010 is a ‘Tick’ year or a ‘Tock’ year. You need to know that Intel updates chip clock speeds in Tick years, and chip micro-architectures in Tock years = your basic Intel Inside high-tech humor.

If you like the video, please click the “Like” button before 24-Sep-2010. There are nice prizes Intel is giving away for the most votes. So spread the word, and enjoy!

Una Mujer con Sombrero = Audrey’s 80th

Tuesday, May 5th, 2009

Appropriately wearing a Sombrero (Galaxy), Audrey Hepburn would be 80 yesterday, the day before the Cinco de Mayo. Lia and Alan celebrate with her.

Match = Pol to Car

Thursday, October 9th, 2008

!eggstrondinary = BA on APOD (again)

Sunday, September 21st, 2008

Okay, its Autumnal not Vernal, but can’t an Equinox go by without egg balancing, and the obligatory reference to the Bad Astronomer’s explanations.  According to the Astronomy Picture of the Day (available as a Windows background), edited by Robert Nemiroff, who has a free Astronomy course online, and Jerry Bonnell, apparently no.   APOD again published the picture of BA Plait (whose new book is out October 20th) balancing eggs in his kitchen.  The kids above show Phil up by balancing eggs on their (Blefuscudian) small end.

Update: eggPOD

September 19 = TLAPD

Friday, September 19th, 2008

Again.  So Shiva ma Timbas, and buysteal the book.

And now for something completely different = Palin

Friday, August 29th, 2008


In a surpreise move, the nominial Republican Presidential candidate, John McCain, choses Washington outsider Palin as his running mate. And I thought you had to be a US citizen.

Death = Swallowing small amounts of saliva over a long period of time

Tuesday, June 24th, 2008

Message in Peace

We first blogged about  George Carlin, appropriately enough, in a post about language, pointing you to the seven dirty words – verbatum transcript prepared by the FCC.  Dirty words keep changing – prior to 1900 the terrible seven would have been doggone, drat, forcryingoutloud, gee or jeepers, Jiminy Crickets (safe enough for Disney now), Odsbodkins, and the ‘sh’ words shoot and shucks.   Genius is a constant and lives on.

A Variety article on Carlin’s 50+ years in the business, a transcript of the Modern Man poem read on the Tonight Show, a Mother Jones article on a darker look at education from an HBO special, and finally, a deciphering of the bumper stickers on the hippie VW van, Fillmore, which Carlin voiced in the movie Cars, can all be found on the internets.

What was missing till now are Lia and Alan’s remarkable impressions of Carlin.  Below is Lia’s impression.

Here is Alan getting into makeup.

Applying the Makeup

And the splitting image.

A Splitting Image

Ballmer = Eggnostic

Tuesday, May 20th, 2008

As Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer began a presentation at the Corvinus University in Budapest, a rude Hungarian (redundant) student stood up and shouted

Hey you! Microsoft has stolen 25 <billion> Hungarian Forint.  To the Hungarian people, give that money back. Right now!

He then threw 3 eggs – 1 on the floor, 1 on the wall, and 1 on the projector screen – before running out of ammunition, while Ballmer took refuge under the rostrum.  The student was asked to “Please leave” and “Very quickly” and “What were you thinking?” to which he responded the country pays while this guy has the nerve to be parading around here, and walked out exposing everyone to the back of his shirt proclaiming “Microsoft = Corruption.”

Following the “friendly disruption” Ballmer calmly continued his talk, wherein he was found by to be a surprisingly brilliant speaker.  In the Q&A he admitted to being egged before, in 1966 (no doubt on Halloween, when he would have been 10).

While the whole incident took place in broken English, Fake Steve Jobs is looking for a Czech translator!?  I am sure you’ve seen the original recording of the event posted on youtube – here is the Bono version.  Now we know who the Eggman is, but who is the Walrus?