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Death = Swallowing small amounts of saliva over a long period of time

Tuesday, June 24th, 2008

Message in Peace

We first blogged about  George Carlin, appropriately enough, in a post about language, pointing you to the seven dirty words – verbatum transcript prepared by the FCC.  Dirty words keep changing – prior to 1900 the terrible seven would have been doggone, drat, forcryingoutloud, gee or jeepers, Jiminy Crickets (safe enough for Disney now), Odsbodkins, and the ‘sh’ words shoot and shucks.   Genius is a constant and lives on.

A Variety article on Carlin’s 50+ years in the business, a transcript of the Modern Man poem read on the Tonight Show, a Mother Jones article on a darker look at education from an HBO special, and finally, a deciphering of the bumper stickers on the hippie VW van, Fillmore, which Carlin voiced in the movie Cars, can all be found on the internets.

What was missing till now are Lia and Alan’s remarkable impressions of Carlin.  Below is Lia’s impression.

Here is Alan getting into makeup.

Applying the Makeup

And the splitting image.

A Splitting Image