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Storage Virtualization Expert = Mr. T

Thursday, January 25th, 2007

First name Mister middle name Period last name T

I try not to mix work-related stuff into my blog, but when Mr. T derides my product – well it is just too funny.  Without further ado here is the yahoo video from our competitor, Hitachi Data Systems, featuring Mr. T.


If you want an alternate, more serious, view, here is an article published in Computer Technology Review by EMC Vice President Doc D’Errico. 

Topic Fest = Blog Carnival

Thursday, January 18th, 2007

Science Carnivals

If you are looking for the best posts for a particular topic, try a blog carnival.  Here is a list of science-related carnivals.  See if you can match the carnival below to their logo in the picture above.

Tangled Bank
Grand Rounds
Carnival of the Green
Skeptic’s Circle
Mendel’s Garden
Circus of the Spineless
I And The Bird
Festival of the Trees
Four Stone Hearth
Panta Rei
Philosophia Naturalis
Change Of Shift
Pediatric Grand Rounds
Radiology Grand Rounds
Carnival of Mathematics

Update [2/6/2007]: And now finally a Carnival of Mathematics!

Update [2/28/2007]: A Carnival of women in STEM (cience, echnology, ngineering, and athematics).

Best Science Blogs of 2006 = The Open Laboratory

Wednesday, January 17th, 2007

The Open Laboratory 

Bora Zivkovic from A Blog Around the Clock has created a book on Lulu containing the 50 best science blog articles (culled by committee from over 200) in 2006.  The first article is a short essay to Science Fair entrants, by Phil Plait, that everyone should read.  If you live in the Northeast you might want to read the article Ticks and Time, by Diane A Kelly, with surprising new results about the etiology of Lyme disease.  And there are a lot more gems in this great anthology.

60 Second Storyboard = The Big Sleep

Monday, January 15th, 2007

The Big Sleep

Marlow: The name is Reilly. Doghouse Reilly.  I’m a is

Vivian: So you’re a private detective. I didn’t know they existed, except in books. Or else they were greasy little men snooping around hotel corridors. My, you’re a mess, aren’t you?

viv1     3 - short

Marlowe: I’m not very tall either. Next time, I’ll come on stilts, wear a white tie and carry a tennis racket.

Vivian: You know, I don’t see what there is to be cagey about, Mr. Marlowe. And I don’t like your manners.

4 - manners1     5 - manners2

Marlowe: I’m not crazy about yours. I didn’t ask to see you. I don’t mind if you don’t like my manners. I don’t like them myself. They’re pretty bad. I grieve over them long winter evenings.

Ben HurMarlowe: Would you happen to have a Ben-Hur 1860, Third Edition with a duplicated line on page one-sixteen? Or a Chevalier Audubon 1840?

Vivian: Tell me: What do you usually do when you’re not working?  Marlowe: Oh, play the horses, fool around. Vivian: No women?

7 - horses1 8 - horses2 9 - horses3

Marlowe: I’m generally working on something most of the time.  Vivian: Could that be stretched to include me? Marlowe: Well I like you. I’ve told you that before.  Vivian: I like hearing you say it.

10 - count Marlowe: What do you want me to do? Count three like they do in the movies? 

[ 7 murders later ]

11 - wont take longMarlowe: It won’t take ‘em long.  Vivian: What are you gonna…?

Marlowe: Wait a minute. Let me do the talking, angel. I don’t know yet what I’m gonna tell ‘em, but it will be pretty close to the truth.12 - talkin

Mr. Bogart (Marlowe) was played by Alan Kemeny.

Ms. Bacall (Vivian) was played by Lia Kemeny.

Pretzels were used in place of cigarettes in this production.

Black Diamonds from Outer Space = On Sale in UAE

Wednesday, January 10th, 2007

Emirates Palace 

The origin of black diamonds, aka carbonado, has been a mystery.  While conventional diamonds are mined in volcanic formations known as kimberlites, carbonado diamonds have never been found there.  Monday NSF researchers announced black diamonds are probably extraterrestial in origin.

At last month’s Emirates Millionaire Show 59,000 lucky UAE millionaires could buy a $620,000 Ud aka Oud aka Arab lute containing a 103.59 carrot black diamond, one of the largest in the world.  The stone is embedded in the Ud’s main rosette, pictured.  Uncut carbonado looks more like a charcoal brickette, as pictured in researcher Steve Haggerty’s photo. 

Oud black diamond front     Carbonado by Steve Haggerty

Rose … for auld lang syne

Tuesday, January 2nd, 2007


It has been over 2 months since I wrote an entry.  The reason I haven’t felt like writing is, of course, Rose’s passing.  I thought I’d start writing by re-printing the obituary I wrote to her which appeared in the Westford Eagle.

Rose Kemeny, world famous hair colorist, grandmother of five dies at 94

Rose died peaceably at Westford House 8:30 pm Saturday.  The past 15 years she lived in Westford, four at Westford House, where she made many friends with her charm and intelligence.  Many knew her – her life could fill a book.

Born in the tiny Hungarian town of Abony in 1912, she grew up in Szolnok in an era without radios or cars.  Her best memories of winter were traveling to the farm by horse drawn sled with coals to warm her feet.  At 14 she discovered that the living room painting of her “aunt” was actually her mother who died giving birth to her sister Elizabeth.  She also had 3 younger brothers by a stepmother.  Due to her father’s illness, by 17 she was supporting the family running a beauty salon – something she would continue for the next 75 years!  At the same time she secretly became engaged to and eventually married Sandor (Alexander) Reti, who had the foresight to emigrate from Europe through Italy in 1938.  Rose had trouble getting a visa.  But, upon meeting her, the Italian ambassador to Hungary relented remarking he understood why Sandor wouldn’t leave without her.

She arrived in New York City on Thanksgiving and was doing manicures within 2 weeks.  In short order she established her own salon and was hired by Charles Revson to run Revlon’s prestigious New York Salon.  Her specialty was hair color, and, as a natural blond beauty, she inspired “blonds have more fun” at Revlon.  She had many famous clients including Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, the Gabors of course, and Joan Crawford – she was one of Joan’s closest friends.  In the 1960’s she ran her own salon, Rue de la Pais, which had clients from old European aristocracy and the new American aristocracy including the Firestones and Kennedys.  She successfully ran a salon with 40+ employees, tangling with landlords, unions, anti-feminism, and anti-Semitism.  But her greatest struggles were in getting her family out of Europe after World War II.

In the 1970’s Rose lost Sandor after a long and debilitating illness.  In 1976 she met Leslie Kemeny, a widower who also grew up in Szolnok. After a whirlwind courtship they were married.  Everyone said that when most people were retiring, they were starting a teenage romance.  In 1991 she was sideswiped by a commuter bus, which finally forced her to close the salon.  She moved to Westford to be closer to her son and daughter and her beloved grandchildren.  After losing Leslie, she traveled Europe (London, Paris, Milan, Budapest), Israel, and the US (Portland, Phoenix, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Austin, Denver, Houston, Seattle).  She was most happy to see her adopted country up close – she said the Willamette River in Portland reminded her of the Tisza River in Szolnok.  Rose loved the US for the opportunities it gave her.  But New York always held a special place in her heart.

She is survived by nephews Leslie and Tom Vadas, Stuart Kerty, niece Michelle Kerty, sister-in-law Gabriella Kerty, grandnephews  Gregory, Oren and Daniel Vadas, grandniece Liza Vadas, children by marriage Ilona Stashko, John Kemeny, and grandchildren Eric, Allison and Lena Stashko, and Lia and Alan Kemeny.

There is so much more to say.  I knew Rose for a greater part of my life than I knew my parents.  She was a unique person who had a huge presence, and will be missed by many.